Be Better.

I am not the type of person who is constantly going to the gym. I wish I was and I am promising my self to be better.

Usually when it gets cold, I don’t want go out. I like working out in a hot gym, is that weird? Lol 😆. The cold is my kryptonite, the only reason I’ll go out in the cold is if I’m gonna go get Ale from school or drop him off or if I need to get to work.

No more excuses, last year I didn’t go to the gym for 3 months! It was insane, I usually do something active and I never felt so ugly. So I am gonna do good this year and going even on cold days.

Thanks to my mom, for being an angel and getting me this awesome cute set from Victoria’s Secret Pink. It’s so stylish and comfy and it makes me wanna go to the gym. Honestly, for me – buying workout clothes is half the motivation. So it gives me a little push. If you are on your fitness journey and you like looking good for the gym and you got some good gear on that’s great. So don’t let people make you feel bad for getting some matching workout leggings with your matching top, or doing something with your hair. Your doing this for you and if it works for you do it!

With that being said! Hope your fitness journey is a great one. Be positive, get up and go! I promise you’ll get there.

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