How to Wear: Wide Leg (comfy) Pants

I don’t know how may times I have mentioned comfy pants here. But COMFY PANTS!

O.K. so I just bought these at Banana Republic Factory. (link below)

These are so comfy and they are great to just lounge around your home or if you want to go out on a casual occasion you totally can. These are the kind of pants you go out and buy groceries in or go to the dog park. I love that these are high waisted but they are wide leg so they look cute on with shoes or if you want to put on some wedges to elevate them you can.

I hope you like this look and it inspires you some ways. I tied them together with a racerback tee a cool jean jacket and some sneakers.

BRF Wide Leg Pants 

Racerback Tees

Jean Jackets

White Sneakers



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