A Little Country

It’s been awhile I’ve but on some good boots on here. So this is kinda of a quick look, for those everyday, put in your boots, I wanna look cute kinda day.

For Christmas Roey bought me these awesome cowgirl boots from Cavenders. I’m so into turquoise, I wanted some new boots. I did give him some hints of different things but – he listened. He always gives good gifts. I know it’s a little late but I’m so scared of wearing them out because they’re so beautiful.

Anyways I paired these with some regular skinny jeans. These are form Banana Republic Factory, they’ve been my comfy jeans. They are so comfortable and they fit my body so well without looking frumpy and I can move.

I’m wearing a cami from Lucky Brand, a hat from Style Union and a cute Cardi sweater from Francescas. ✌🏼

Hope you guys love this look. I feel like you can wear it on a Saturday night out or if you’re feeling like going down to the honky tonk- girl it’s a vibe.

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