These are strange times we are definitely living in. Everything feel so surreal with what is going on and definitely worry some for some of us who have someone still working with other human beings. Of course we have to leave it all up to god, listen to what scientist, nurses and health government officials are telling you to feel more secure and lessen the spread of this pandemic. I am definitely trying my best to stay at home, I am not going out into public or large group places. I disinfect the handles of all my doors and tables everyday. I was always a clean person- even with an indoor dog I vacuum everyday to avoid that smelly dog scent.

I am blessed to live close to my mothers home, which is like 3 minutes away and when I need to stretch my legs I go for a run in the park, which is like a couple minutes away. It is good to breathe the air outside and do your normal things, of course do them with caution and limit space if you’re close to people. I am hoping that everything goes back its normal, I know after this everyone will be extremely cautious with what we do to take care of ourselves, especially hygiene wise. ( Still confused why TP is gone?)

Anyways Ale (my 5 year old) is aware of what is going on, still living his daily kid life and doing pre school work from home. Do y’all have any interactive websites for kids his age? He is definitely enjoying his time at home and sometimes talks about his school friends. Ale is also eating all the snacks in the pantry and sneaks out a candy or two into his room! This kid!! Bailey or German Shorthair Pointer is also enjoying our time with him, he loves to play with Ale and is super patient with him. He loves the attention and time to spend on the couch and is always searching for pets, cuddles and human contact.

Well this is all, nothing really is happening here in my home. Except for movies, eating and the occasional Tik-Tok.

Stay safe.


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