Shop Local

Hey y’all,

Since we’re stuck at home and I am catching up with daily household things like putting away my winter clothes and sweaters. Sorting out things that don’t fit Ale anymore and probably won’t this winter.

I am gonna miss all my coats that I didn’t get to wear this cold season! I always wonder why I have some many jackets when I know it doesn’t even get cold down here. But you just never know, huh? (That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.)

Y’all these trying times are taken a hold on our expenses and maybe even tightening the financial belt for a second. But if you are thinking of purchasing something, think of your  small businesses that are really trying to keep it together for themselves and for you. Instead of buying from big retailer corps, reach out to your local places.

Wearing JZD T-shirt, Shop Beaucop headband and V Beauty eyelashes.

Pants are thrifted and the jacket was a gift.

Here are some local businesses you might wanna check out and follow:

Leave a comment if you want to spread info on your local businesses!


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