Not The Quarantine Outfit You Wanted, But Needed.

OK so we totally shot this little session before this whole stay at home progress started and before I even know about Joe Exotic and what Carol Baskin’s where really about. Who else has finished watching the show? If you haven’t even considered watching it, I completely understand why you would, it’s ridiculous in many, many ways.

I love leopard print, its just one of the prints that naturally i’m drawn to. Sorry if I begin to sound like Carol Baskin. This blue dress was bought from Banana Republic Factory, so cute and can be worn with some heels to make it a classy look to go to dinner or something a little formal. But can also make it edgy with some cute high heel booties and a cute belt and jacket to top it off.

I know that this look is not quarantine material. Hopefully after this whole ordeal is over, you can look back and pull this out from an inspiration board. I hope it gives you that energy to get dressed up and serve the look you want from your pieces in your closet.  I hope you guys stay safe and out of harms way.


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