Rewind: Padded Shoulder Top

I recently bought some cool stuff from online fashion store Shein. The hype is real! The stuff there is so cute and some ridiculously inexpensive items. The quality is like forever 21, I mean it’s fast fashion so what can I tell you.

One of the items was this padded white top, I mean it’s not really the style I was hoping but close. The padding was not as exaggerating which is good for a normal causal day and the material is good. I don’t like that the sleeves are not to the shoulder length I was hoping it to be either, but again I paid $8 for it so I’m not too disappointed.

Anyways, isn’t it mind blowing that this 80’s fashion trend is slowly coming up. I mean watch it be padded blazers next! It will be a total fashion rewind, if your mom was an 80’s lady she will we be shook!

I paired this top with some high waisted distressed shorts and some slides. A total modern 80’s vibe with some retro cat eyes!

Check my look here:

Thanks for following along you guys! I know it’s a different Summer than we all expected. Make the best of it!

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