Baby Doll

Hello there. I felt a little moody today. So I wore this cute little baby doll dress from The Fashion Market called the Emily Dress. You can wear this dress in every season. With its flower print and length, even in spring with cute sandals and some refreshing accessories would be appropriate. Every time I … More Baby Doll

Goodbye 2019

Hello 2020! It’s been a hectic month! I’ve been working pretty much everyday so not a lot of time for getting an outfit ready. I get up at 5am to go work at 6am and but the time I’m clocking out I look like I need 12 hrs of sleep. When I do have time, … More Goodbye 2019

Big Barrettes

I have always been a fan of hair styles and hair accessories. Even if it’s different and pretty out there, kinda thing, I always leaned into and saw the fashion, artistic side. That goes with clothes as well ( except for those camel toe shoes, what is going on?) I am in love with these … More Big Barrettes