Fall in Straw

Don’t really fall in straw, it hurts and its itchy AF! While shooting this little woven scene, I ran out of daylight and the sun hid in the back. The worst thing lol. I don’t have a reflector which I want to get, do you guys recommend anything to make dark scenes much brighter? This … More Fall in Straw

Denim Duster

  Thrifted find. Yup, this essential piece was discoverd in a mix of clothes. At first I thought it was a cool piece, this was essentially made to wear closed, button down as a dress. But I thought it could do more as a duster or eventually as a layer piece for the more cooler … More Denim Duster

Mixed Elements

First they’re sour then they’re sweet.  When you think of creating an outfit or finding out your style don’t just think what’s inside of your element. Think creatively or what’s outside of your box and don’t be afraid to – not match. A little color difference makes it much more pleasing to the eye. The … More Mixed Elements