These are strange times we are definitely living in. Everything feel so surreal with what is going on and definitely worry some for some of us who have someone still working with other human beings. Of course we have to leave it all up to god, listen to what scientist, nurses and health government officials … More Home

Cruise // Cozumel

Oh what an adventure this cruise was! Just a great experience to sail through the ocean. Our family sailed through the gulf to celebrate my mother in laws birthday! We sailed with Carnival, which was a non stop party! It was amazing! Events at always going on, shopping, eating and drinking! When we got to … More Cruise // Cozumel


It’s 2019! Wow, the year flew by – it was an awesome year but I hope this next year brings us more awesome shareable moments! Apart from the love and closeness that I received from family and friends, I learned about myself and others. I took and breathed in the moments I have with Ale … More Lessons

Mom on the Run

This post is going to be a little different from the rest of the posts Ive published before. This past week has been crazy busy with work, keeping up with Ale, keeping up with Roey (lol), house work/chores. Its been a mess! Luckily I got to wind down and its almost Friday! I had a … More Mom on the Run