Not The Quarantine Outfit You Wanted, But Needed.

OK so we totally shot this little session before this whole stay at home progress started and before I even know about Joe Exotic and what Carol Baskin’s where really about. Who else has finished watching the show? If you haven’t even considered watching it, I completely understand why you would, it’s ridiculous in many, … More Not The Quarantine Outfit You Wanted, But Needed.

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Hey y’all, Since we’re stuck at home and I am catching up with daily household things like putting away my winter clothes and sweaters. Sorting out things that don’t fit Ale anymore and probably won’t this winter. I am gonna miss all my coats that I didn’t get to wear this cold season! I always … More Shop Local


These are strange times we are definitely living in. Everything feel so surreal with what is going on and definitely worry some for some of us who have someone still working with other human beings. Of course we have to leave it all up to god, listen to what scientist, nurses and health government officials … More Home