Prints & Prints

Don't you ever feel like making a statement! Have fun with your clothes and mix them with different prints. Coordinating Fabric Prints can be a little tricky when you want to stand out, when it comes to this, there is always a way you can pair them up with something fun and funky, than just those regular jeans … Continue reading Prints & Prints

Poshmark: Kid Style 

Recently Poshmark made kid and men's style available to sell and buy on the app. I can tell you it is so much easier to buy things for my kiddo and my boyfriend now and to get things at a ridiculously low price!  If you haven't gotten it yet do it! Get this code:HFMDO and … Continue reading Poshmark: Kid Style 

Retail Therapy

You know I get a little lost in my days after the weekend is over. I stop looking at the calendar all the time and just rely on the clock, I spend my time reading and going through the Internet to get ideas on what to write about and I also spend it looking at … Continue reading Retail Therapy

Free Cash on Poshmark!

What's up Girls! You want to shop designer brands for less than 80% off ! ? Use Poshmark ! Just sign up with this code:  HFMDO and you automatically get $5 credit to use and shop! It's easy and addicting! You get to sell your own clothes and accessories and buy or trade from others! … Continue reading Free Cash on Poshmark!