Prints & Prints

Don't you ever feel like making a statement! Have fun with your clothes and mix them with different prints. Coordinating Fabric Prints can be a little tricky when you want to stand out, when it comes to this, there is always a way you can pair them up with something fun and funky, than just those regular jeans … Continue reading Prints & Prints

Favorite Instagram Fashion Bloggers • Inspiration 

Everyone gets their fashion inspiration from somewhere, whether its friends, designers, family and bloggers. On Pinterest, magazines, TV - your choice to dress the way you want to comes from creativity. Here are some of my favorite fashion Instagram bloggers I typically admire-their style brings my shopping level to another level and the way I look at … Continue reading Favorite Instagram Fashion Bloggers • Inspiration 

VALA• A True Fashionistas Collection

Aspirations and dreams  come true when you really work hard and get on your feet to make them happen. This week I met up with two girlfriends, Ashley and Samantha, who got together to open their shop, VALA at Fashn.Haus located in McAllen, TX. Their style of clothes is sexy and sophisticated, making a girl look flawless! … Continue reading VALA• A True Fashionistas Collection

How to pull off a Mens Tee

Have you ever admired your brothers shirt or your boyfriends old tee that he tosses around and  wondered how you can pull it off without looking like a total mess? I have a few tips and tricks up my sleeve just for you. Do not be afraid to go an extra size up, there is … Continue reading How to pull off a Mens Tee

D•I•Y Cut Off Summer Distress Shorts 🌺

Happy Sunday!  I couldn't  wait to show you how I created these distress shorts! Everything sexy and creative comes with a few blood, sweat and tears literally!  If you have some jeans that you just don't want anymore because they're washed out or you are not interested in them anymore. Cut them, make them into … Continue reading D•I•Y Cut Off Summer Distress Shorts 🌺